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Our photo Gallery for 2012. Many of our old pics are on snapshots and not on the website. Some got lost in several moves. Hope you enjoy what is here for 2012!

Jordanne , the forever couch guard dog! She is postitioned at an odd angle.

Mickey with a Bravo x Nadia long coat pup at 6 wks old. Below.

Maverick puppies, pale silvers.

Legend x Lacey female pup at 5 weeks old. Below.

Sisters, Lacey left and Bliss right. below.

Legend x Sugar Bear's , female, long coat pup at 6 wks old. Below

Kelly, Maverick x Bliss daughter at 5 mos. from 2010 litter. Below.

Puppies were too tired to wear their ribbons on their necks for pics! Below.

Zivah at 5.5 mos old. Bravo x Nadia daughter, in Alaska now w the Luke's. Below.

Thor, a Maverick x Lacey son at 2 yrs. Below.

Legend x Lacey female at 5 wks old. Below.S

Sleepy puppy! Below.

Bravo x Jordanne long coat puppy. Below.

Maverick x Bliss male pup from the 2010 litter, shown at 7 weeks old. Below.


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