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The newest addition to the Guardian Angel Shepherds family is GEORGIE GIRL.  

Georgie Girl comes to us ,via , Willow Valley. She is a super sweetheart as you can see. Shown here at 8 weeks old with Mickey . Watch this girl grow! 

Georgie Girl at 9.5 weeks. She and Rayna are best friends!! Rayna has taken to her like a mom! Below.

Georgie Girl at 7 months, below. She is a long coat and getting redder all the time. Her sire is a black & dark red mahogany.

GG was out in the rain today and running in the fields, she is a little disheveled.. she has a great life!

GG (Left sitting), and Autumn ( right, laying) are inseperable. They like to run and play together all the time. Below.

The girls were out to play today at first light, before the heat set in, they are all tuckered out! Below. You can see how much redder GG is than Autumn. Autumn is carmel/ tan and creams.


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