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Puppies are one of the greatest joys our your lives. They are also alot of work. Before considering a new addition, evalutate if this is a good time in your life to introduce a new family member.

Many of the things that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a new puppy are : lifestyles, work schedules, time and the ability to provide for the puppy.

They are only young for a short time, growing , learning and maturing quickly. A new job, very young children, relocation are some of the things that are unsettling in our lives. If your life is stable enough to add a puppy..... GREAT!!!

Timing is everything and the wrong time will only add misery to you and the puppy, often resulting in the puppy being relocated to a shelter or rescue. Here at GUARDIAN ANGEL SHEPHERDS we do not breed to fill up rescues or shelters, we breed to fill a need in your life. Our goal is to always place puppies in loving ,stable , forever homes.

We strongly encourage people to research the breed they are looking to buy. Plus talk to several breeders to get a feel for what type of personlaities they breed for.... working dogs, family pets etc. Here, we breed for family pets. The dogs will mature to have a quieter, non agressive, people oriented temperment.

Will our dogs keep up to your lifestyle, yes. The german shepherd aims to please. There is nothing like the look in their eyes, just waiting and watching you, wanting to please. They are faithful, loyal, loving companions. Their courage and intelligence is outstanding and unmatched... they are an incerdible breed. We are very proud to have them as members of our family. It is a privelidge to breed them.

Do we love other dog breeds??? Yes, would we ever be without a german shepherd?? Never. There are sometimes no words to explain how they enrich our life. It is something you just have to experience for yourself. Along with all this being said, puppies are still work. You need to plan for their welfare as you would a child.

Some of the things you might need to do is, puppy proof your home. There are many things a new puppy can get into. We strongly advise a good quality heavy gage, extra large , wire dog crate for indoors . It is a place that can be theirs. It is not cruel or inhuman to crate train a puppy, for safety reasons we recommend it. It is however cruel to allow the puppy to be in a crate that is too small or even one that is big enough for too many hours. This we do not support at all.

Crates are a good way to start house training, feed in them if you need to, you will be assured of their safety if you are unable to watch them. It will save alot of stress on you when you need the puppy to be safe and cannot watch it all the time. Puppies are not as overwhelmed with a space like this as they are a huge run of the house type situation. Eventually they will seek out a place to call their own, try to help from the beginning and make the responsible choice to provide for them a place of their own.


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