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New Puppy Owner page

Hi Everyone!!!

Just a quick email to say it is almost time to get the puppy! . Below is some info on getting your puppy home and what you need to get beforehand. PLEASE order your NuVet Supplement asap so you have them when puppy arrives ( instructions below) . Here we're nutrition freaks. The pup/dog is only as good as what you feed it... here we gave them the very best start possible. Now it is up to you to continue what we have started.

The puppies will be ready for pickup on or After ______________, just make arrangements with me for the times you want to come.. starting at 9 AM. So everyone doesn't comes at once, call or email to schedule a time. Any puppy flying, I will have the flight schedule in a couple days, they will not let me book too far in advance.

What the puppy will come with:

Each puppy will have a harness fitted to them and a 6 foot leash.

Taste of the Wild Prairie formula food. WE DO NOT BUY THE PUPPY FORMULA. THE YELLOW BAG IS AN ALLSTAGE. ( they came out w puppy and it isn't as good as the all stage and costs more!!)

AKC paperwork and Health / Vet papers

NuVet info/sample orders now. info below.

Paper towels and bags for cleanup in case they get sick.

What you might want to bring for travel is a large sheet or blanket lightweight or several old bath towels. Many people choose to hold the puppies or put them on the seat beside them to ride home. This is a huge bonding time. So the closer the contact w their new humans the better. Crates are OK but keep them as close to you as possible, this is ALL new to them. They are leaving everything they know that day and it is stressful for them. They might get car sick, they also might have loose stools a couple days from the vet shots and car ride. They might not eat too well for a few days, this is all normal.

Wire crates are a better choice then a plastic crate for travel, not as hot and they can see out.

Don't expect a lot the first day or two from them, they have no clue who you are. They do not know where the door is to go out etc. Just be calm and get a lot of paper towels. I never keep water down all the time w puppies. They have choice several times a day and then they go out. Praise them as opposed to giving treats all the time. With love and patience, your puppy will adjust sooner. These puppies are use to being held and loved up!!! They expect it.

Heights still scare them when you pick them up and stand.

Many people set up a crate near their beds in case they have to go out, it can be a smaller one for now, say a Medium wire.... me I always use a large... but have used a Med, keep the XL one for pup when you have to go out from the house if you choose to have 2 crates.. I always ask For being in longer I use an XL tall wire one. Never use the crazy divider... that is cruel... suppose to train them quicker... they just learn to hate the crate and will pee or poop and sit in it.

I usually offer a drink of water , last for the night at about-8PM if I go to bed at 11 Pm. Here they have last call on water at 9 PM. They have shavings they are on, so if they have an accident , it is ok, it will be different when you go home.

Remember from day one... whatever you do day one, as far as allowing, that will follow thru all their lives. If you don't want them on furniture...don't do it day 1... sit on the floor or bend down. Love them all you want but also know they need guidance and will respect you more if you are the pack leader. If you are NOT a good pack leader... get some Cesar Milan DVDs and learn how. A dog with no direction will soon make a direction themselves and I guarantee you will not like it.

Back to treats.... they are empty calories... all my dogs have a great life and here, I use praise and love as opposed to treats and junk food for them.

If you feel you need training treats or rewards... what I recommend is a food dehydrator. Get some inexpensive beef roasts and chicken breasts etc and dehydrate them. really dry them out. Break into small pieces and use. Much better than store bought stuff. NO HOT DOGS... bad, bad bad... Everything I use is GRAIN FREE. A dog does not posses an enzyme in their body to break down grains....and most commercial foods and treats are grains. What will eventually happen is the dog will be unable to digest food, leading to pancreatic disorders and he/she will have to be put on ENZYMES to be able to digest food. If the vet diagnoses them as Pancreatic, they will get the enzyme's . Just try to avoid this by not using grains. Here I am totally raw, so if you choose to do it, I will help mentor you along.

This is why I feed all my dogs raw. It is a species appropriate diet... the only way I can make people understand a species appropriate diet for a CARNIVORE is to say ( bit gross) a dog can lick their own butts, eat their own poop and roadkill... WE cannot do any of that........ a dogs needs are not what ours are. Try to find a holistic vet to help you care for your new puppy and one who will not """poo poo""" raw. PLEASE DO NOT fall into the heartworm meds stuff and a whole host of other junk you will be asked to buy. Do research... I know I sound like a broken record here...... your puppies health and living conditions are my #1 concern.... you all made it thru the screening process to be a new owner..... now the choice is yours as to what your dog will be like when they leave here. I use Taste of the Wild Prairie......( 6 star highest rated holistic grain free food as listed by ) I would love to do total raw fed puppies but feel a lot of good families would miss out on a great pup if I demanded everyone do raw. All I can do is encourage you to explore it. I will help anyone along they way.

If you choose to do raw or add some in... wait about a week til your pup settles in . Most don't, but I feel I need to at least say it. You can do some hamburger, a few bites and some lean chicken breast for now.

Alibi , my white long coat at 8 weeks , went right from dry to raw. She ate hamburger, chicken and pork , turkey too, raw egg and the shells ground up fine.

She was close to 18 lbs at 8 weeks and she ate about 1.5 cups 3 x a day to start. Then she ate about 3-4 cups or more 2x a day at 4 mos. More as an adult. ... at least one egg w shells ground into the hamburger, I use 2 eggs!!. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF RAW... be afraid of not incorporating some in, they need the enzymes in fresh meats...remember they are dogs and NOT humans. Mine are my babies and I do what they need. Contact me if you want to do raw. too much here if not going to do it.

Puppies schedule for feeding is morning, mid day and evening. When they get about 3.5 to 4 mos old, go to twice a day. No snacks or treats, they will not eat their food. Raise your puppy with positive praise and not food.... once they get neutered later on, it is hard to keep the weight off them. Start now NOT conditioning your pup that every single thing in life needs food. We spend time with the puppies, so praise is very important. They are use to it, need and expect it.

Even if you choose to stick to dry... stay w TOTW. I get the best price on line at on auto ship. Free shipping , no tax for a $49 order, just get 2 bags.

A MUST ORDER...>>>. Order your . code 45434. no it is nothing like a vet would ever sell you unless it is a holistic vet....I will get an email confirmation and WILL be hounding you to get it if you don't! It is all human grade ingredients made in a cold process to protect the integrity of the produce. It is what it says it is........ the pet industry is not regulated, so a pet product from a Pet store or Vet can have next to nothing of what the label says and from cheap sources and some synthetic. I use it for mine , even w raw.

The NuVet Plus is a daily, puppies are getting it now. Right now the puppies are getting about 1/4 to 1/2 tab daily. I also do the Joint formula for them by 3 mos... these are big heavy dogs and that product is a must for them. It has everything I use to go to the health food store and get and mix up...... this is less expensive and dosage is listed. For a puppy I start out w 1/2 for about 3 to 4 weeks. Then 3/4 another 2 weeks then after work up to a whole. Right now, I break it up and put over food. They love them, so you can start slow and work up

NuVet Order placement is code 45434. Plus is the daily and Joint is also a must for big dogs. PLEASE READ the website. It has valuable info there. The care of your puppy is my total concern. I will receive a confirmation email upon you ordering it and a cancellation if you cancel. This is part of our contract that they be on this... you cannot have a healthy dog/puppy if you don't put the right things into their growth. Care of these animals are my passion. PLEASE get your order in today, it comes fast, that way by the time your puppy comes home, you will have everything you need. Our puppy pack has samples in there to get you thru a week....Autoship will save you $. The joint formula is a must for large breed dogs as is the Daily Plus formula. Quality holistic products.

I am trying to get this in email instead of bombarding you all with info when you come!! I do ask everyone to keep in touch, very important I see pics of the puppies... some people in the past have NOT realized they have a large breed dog and feed according to the bag........ dog is too thin. So keep me in pics. Big dogs need plenty of food. Vets like to see ribs, every GSD I have ever see with ribs is having ear standing problems. Ears need calcium......... dry food is NOT enough........Calcium goes to bone growth first, then teeth ( that is why ears drop during teething) and lastly ears....... THE very best thing for your dogs ears are egg shells...... grind them in your hand........Alibi eats hers ground up w just raw egg or hamburger.....There are very expensive products out there for ears that are nothing more than ground up shells. So do it the easy natural way. Raw egg is one of Natures most perfect food, this and the shells ground up provide all the natural calcium they need for growth and strong bones , teeth and ears going up. If you love your pup, take a little extra time to do some very important nutritional things.

Either spend the money on better feeding practices or pay the vet for health and skin problems down the road. WE have nothing to gain from your dog being sick w over vaccinating or improper feeding etc but your Drug companies do and Pet food companies also do... there are billions of $$$ of profit in the pet industry from Vaccines... needless... and flea/tick and heartworm meds. ALL you need to do it a is a titer( blood draw) for immunity levels and draw blood to check for any heartworm. YOUR pup/dog, does NOT need all the vaccines the being pushed on them , one basic and one booster NOT 2!!! ..then . Rabies at 6 mos.. that is it. Most holistic breeders do no vaccines... moms milk protects the babies better. MY website has a lot of links of info on holistic dog care... several publications are on this email.

We all wants what is best for your puppy. Less time spent giving too many vaccines and meds the better you are. THE only vaccine you need IF you choose to do a booster is.......1 booster not 2 like what is on your puppies health record... a booster on that and nothing else. That is it....NO CORONA, NO LEPTO ( over 500 varieties of Lepto.. that one shot doesn't cover but one strain). No LYMES VACCINES.... I have Lymes Disease...know all about it, it is a bacteria, called a SPIROCHETE....NOT a virus......a shot will do nothing but have your pup test positive for the disease. You will never know if the pup has it..... JUST have a blood draws to check, if you are nervous..... go 2 x a year for bloodwork DO NOT LET ANYONE SCARE YOU OR SHAME YOU INTO BUYING ALL THE STUFF BEING PROMOTED!!!!!!!!

ANOTHER issue in spring time for puppies is GIARDIA... most common in springtime due to stagnant water on pool covers or landscaping or just simply low spots in a yard. It is also a very common thing if you have a lot of birds around or raccoons, possums etc... they carry a lot of coccidia and or giardia. All treatable. I like to keep KOCCI FREE on hand, you can GOOGLE WOLF CREEK RANCH 1 to purchase it. I would recommend having it and giving it as a preventative. Coccidia can also come on a puppy from the stress of being separated from their littermates etc. Albon might be send home with you for a few days, helping the puppy transition over. I still love the homeopathic remedy KOCCI FREE too. Learn to seek natural and Holistic remedies to keep your pup healthy. If your puppy developed diahriah, get a stool test for Giardia and Coccidia.

WE also use a lot of products from . We are only a phone call, email or text away to help.

IF you are having trouble when you go to the vet wit all kinds of shots and heartworm meds pushed on you, simply say...OK, LET ME GO HOME AND THINK ABOUT IT. leave... ... just say THANKS and GO. Do your research ahead of time and know what way you want to raise your new puppy. . That way you do not have to stand there and do battle.......ANYTHING such as shots, flea and tick drops and heartworm products will weaken your puppies immune system. A weakened immune system will become a HOST for parasites and Diseases. . Start out by doing Natural and holistic care for your pet . Again..... call or email if you have questions. Heartworm meds such as HEARTGUARD is Ivermectin.. which is toxic to a herding dog.... German Shepherds are herding dogs..... you will be told """. O it is such a small dose"""......... well, it builds up in the dogs system and reeks havoc on his/her immune system, slowly breaking it down. Again... all you need is a simply blood test to check...... not monthly poisons.

BEST 20$ each you can spend on readying holistic info. Great info, either on line or by mail.

I like this one even better. DOG'S NATURALLY MAGAZINE. These Holistic vets have a Yahoo Natural group and Pod casts...all about the health of your dog. Extensive archives on the Yahoo group. &mid=2_0_0_1_54733_AKTSi2IAADV3UE3WWwOPHmmK5tM&[email protected]&m=2_0_0_1_29207_AKXSi2IAAKQsUFJosAfsa0o88Mo,2_0_0_1_31461_AKTSi2IAAJEiUFH%2FggMIgEAZXCw,2_0_0_1_32714_AKbSi2IAAS7QUFHhiQNyfCs%2Fde0,2_0_0_1_45335_AKTSi2IAARpIUFDVPwDDiCvfv%2Bw,2_0_0_1_47399_AKPSi2IAANS8UFCjMg1wODRmz%2F0,2_0_0_1_54733_AKTSi2IAADV3UE3WWwOPHmmK5tM,2_0_0_1_58043_AKbSi2IAAM93UEthhQRC0jyuCpY,2_0_0_1_59241_AKTSi2IAAE7MUEiqWQP00y0Kccc,2_0_0_1_61389_AKbSi2IAAPdJUEeKjwS6Oj5S80Q,2_0_0_1_62797_AKPSi2IAAPAcUEdvXw7CnXojt4M,2_0_0_1_64204_AKbSi2IAATo2UEdvHgObox6JnqU,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=25&hash=43e1615d552a8f1187514c44873216aa&.jsrand=2800525

OK, so I have now turned this into a novel... if you have questions, let me know.

IF you have questions, please feel free to call or email me. Email is probably quicker... but do not hesitiate....... I am here for you all. It is no bother. Just feed properly, avoid over vacinating, dogs are dying from routine shots, my cousins great dane died at 2 yrs old, right in the vet office after perfectly normal bloodwork , then given a routine series of shots..boom dead within 12 minutes..Think twice before injecting your dog!!

Heartworm preventative, now they are finding out weakens the immune system and dogs who are getting heartworm are the ones taking the preventitive. DO NOT BE SCARED OR SHAMED INTO BUYING THIS GARBAGE!! DO NOT FALL FOR THOSE forceful tactics. Lymnes vaccines will cause your dog to test positive for Lymes and you will never know if they have it. Heartworm and anything else can be tested for by a bloodtest called a titer.... so instead of loading your pup with heartguard ( which BTW is toxic to hearding dogs which a GSD is one) and vaccines just do a blood workup called a titer.Your dog will be healthier!!!

OK, officially off my soapbox!! I know I am repeating myself here... so much passion!!!


Christy Novy

May God Bless Your day!!!

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