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This pic gallery is from 2010-2011, alot more photo's from new owners!

Kelly, is a beautiful platinum silver. She is a Maverick and Bliss daughter. Shown here at 6 months old. Now owned by the Wolfe family.

Bullock, is a Bravo & Jordanne long coat black & reddish tan male. Owned by Mick C. in PA. Shown here at 9 weeks.

Middle, Adia, Bravo & Caia, sable female at 6 mos. Right, Addison, a Mav & Lacey G daughter at 2. Owned by Laura H in IL.

Tundra is a WGSD who lives in Alaska with the Luke family. She is a Mav x Lacey daughter... Below.

Judah, is a Bravo x Caia son, shown at 10 weeks. Owned by Ann H. PA. Below.

Best friends, Adia ( sable GSD) and Cooper ( Golden). Owned by Laura H. IL

Koda, on the left is a Bravo x Bliss son. Below. At 9 months.

Star, an Achilles x Belle daughter. 6 mos. Below.

Lady Cyra is a Bravo x Lyra daughter from the Nov 2009 litter. She was 10 mos in this pic. Owned by Sister Theresa, PA.

Lady Cyra at 1 yr old. Below.

Cali , a Chaos x Spirit daughter, owned by the Russo family in CT.

Tabby, a Legend x Illusion daughter . Below at 12 weeks.

Tabby at 4.5 Mos, Legend x Illusion daughter. Below.

Tabby. Below 4.5 mos.

Jazz, a Chaos x Illusion daughter at 5 mos, owned by J Korn NY. Below.

Kelly, a Maverick x Bliss daughter at 14 mos, boarding with owner.Below.

Zivah at 6 mos. Bravo x Nadia daughter. HUge female. Below

Cesar, a Bravo x Nadia son shown at 9 mos, Below.

Zivah at 5 mos. Bravo x Nadia daughter. Below

Cesar at 9 mos, on vacation!! Bravo x Nadia son. Below.


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