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Here is a page, devoted to pictures ,sent by new owners of a Guardian Angel Shepherds. 

Addison, below ,is a Maverick & Lacey Daughter.

Below is a Maverick & Bliss son, Luka, living in Finland.

Maverick & Illusion daughter, Zulu, owned by John & Vickie. PA below.

Illusion x Mav female

Gretchen ( left) a Maverick & Spirit daughter with Kyra a Bravo & Lyra daughter, owned by the Mussers.

Luka in Finland,

Bliss & Blitzen

Chaos & Spirit

Koda aand Lobo, Chaos and Spirit males at 9 mos. Below 


Bliss & Mav

Leucy, a Mavericvk & Lacey Grace female at 8 mos. below ( white)

Maverick & Lacey daughter , white, below

Annie & Gabriel daughter white below.

Butzer, a Chaos and Spirit male at 7 mos, white, below.

Jayne, a Bravo & Lyra daughter at 4 mos. Black & reddish tan. Owned by Klingerman family. Below.

Kratos, Stinson and Illusion male at 8 mos, owned by the Lawtons.

Sabra, owned by the Boyers, a Maverick & Spirit daughter at 6 mos. Below

Sabra at a year old. Below.

Samantha, owned by the Mulders family, shown at9 weeks, Bravo & Bliss daughter. Below

Bravo & Bliss daughter

Mav & Bliss son . Below.

Addison is a Maverick & Lacey Grace daughter, she lives in IL with the Hahn family.

Here is Brooklyn at 9 weeks, she is a Mavericvk & Spirit daughter, she is a stunning very pale silver.

Addison at 4 mos, a Maverick & Lacey Grace daughter.

Achilles and Bell male pup at 5 mos, below.

Illusion and Maverick female pup. Very pale silver color.

Our beloved Chaos now resides with our dear friends, the Alwells. Chaos is an alert dog to some medical needs they have. We miss him, but know he is in the well loved and in the greatest hands! Shown with Jimmy.

Riley, a female pup from Bliss and Blitzen.

Maverick & Lacey daughter,

Annie and Gabriel daughter. Below.

Maverick & Lacey daughter. Below.

Illusion and Mav female. Below

Annie and Remmy male pup. Below

beautiful pale silver. Shiann Kocker in PA

A Merry Christams boy! Lacey & Mav Below.

Old pics of Ice x Blitz daughter Lacey May. Below.

Old pic of Hope & Lacey May, both Ice x Blitz daughters. Below.

Wish & Chaos daughter. Below.

Riley, a Blitzen & Annie daughter.

Spirit & Chaos daughter at 5 mos. Below

Chaos & Spirit male at 10 weeks. Below.

Jazz, as a pup, at a WGSD show, she is a Blitzen & Bliss daughter. Below.

Skye at 10 weeks, a Spirit & Bosco daughter. Below

Bosco on Mickeys lap . He is 1.5 yrs in this pic, Big buddy bear!

Hysterical.... no not a two headed dog, it is best buddies, Gretchen and Kyra!

Gretch & Kyra, they realy love each other! Below

Brooklyn at 9 weeks, Mav & Spirit, very pale silver. Below.

Mysty is so funny, she has had a golf club fettish, since a wee pup! Below.

Maverick & Spirit pup, Giada, at 5 months. Very light silver. Below.

Maverick & Lacey daughter. Below.

Reggie, owned by Pasquale's. Below

Mav JR. at 7 weeks. Below.

Jazz , a Chaos x Illusion female ,at 5 mos, owned by J Korn in NY. Below.

Kelley at 5 mos, owned by the Wolfe Family. She is a Mav x Bliss daughter .

Bravo and Bliss son. Koda

Bravo & Caia daughter, Adia. Owned by Laura and Rich in IL.

Bravo & Caia ssable female at 12 weeks.

Adia, Bravo & Caia daughter at 7 moths to the day! Below.


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