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 Nadia x Legend PUPPIES FROM MAY 2011. SHOWN WITH AUTUMN ( Bravo x Jordanne daughter) , LARGER FEMALE IN PIC.. 

Some pics of the puppies available. Will have individual pics up soon, call or email for details.

Below, foreground, large female , darker patterned ID GREEN . Shown at 11 weeks old. She is a very big girl, extremely friendly and outgoing. Autumn is behind her at 6 mos , so you can see the size.

Georgie Girl ( 4 mos old, Long coat female) behind the fence watching , while Autumn ( 6 mos old) is puppy sitting. Below.

Left is an 11 week old long coat , Nadia girl, ID: Green and right is a Lacey regular coat girl, at 10 weeks, also ID: GREEN. Below.

Lacey x Bravo female ID: PINK, Below.

GREEN girl at 10 weeks from Lacey x Bravo litter. Below.

PINK sitting proud! Below.

PINK showing off her sit position...LOL, she is a sweetheart! Below.

Left,long coat MALE- SOLD, foreground id: ORANGE long coat girl, Nadia litter, with Back mid section, GREEN girl and regular coat Yellow from the Lacey x Bravo litter. Below.

Sisters! Left is GREEN and right is LAVENDER long coat girls. Below.

Sweet baby GREEN girl. Below. I love this sad face... she is just like her mom with those killer sad eyes!

PINK Lacey x Bravo girl chillin out Below.

GREEN girl... thinking it sure is a hot day today!

Tuckered out puppies. Long coats- foreground left is GREEN and back right is ORANGE girls. ORANGE is the darkest of all. Back left is Lacey x Bravo girl GREEN and right is PINK, those girls have traditional length coats. Below.

LAVENDER girl ( Nadia x Legend ), trying to figure out HOW to get the blasted ball! This was really funny, she is a roit! Below.

LAVENDER girl, taking a break from the ball. She has the most reddish coloring of the three girls. Below.

All the pups together. Below.

GREEN girl.... she was watching the others playing ball. Below. She is darker in the face than PINK. Both grogeous puppies! Below.

PINK left and GREEN right. All the puppies love this chair! Below.

GREEN girl ( Lacey x Bravo litter 10 weeks old.

GREEN girl, long coat ( Legend x Nadia litter)

GREEN long coat girl, from Nada's litter on left ( 11 weeks) and GREEN girl from Laceys litter on right ( 10 weeks).

Rest time! Below.

Sugar Bear ( left long coat female from Caia x Bravo 2010 litter at 10 mos old) taking a turn playing with the puppies! Center is GREEN id Lacey pup with middle ORANGE long coat girl and right GREEN girl long coat both Nadia's litter. Below.

Left is long coat girl from Nadia x Legend id ORANGE, she is really black. My Achilles, solid black is her grandfather. Right is LAVENDER long coat girl Nadia litter. 11 weeks. Below.

ORANGE long coat girl. Below.

Mickey is having a great day with the puppies....puppy love all around!! GREEN got the lap and gave a lot of kisses!! ALL the puppies are super outgoing and VERY friendly... they love people!! Below.

The pups are huge.... Mickey is having a ball with them! Below.

Happy puppies...... left is the long coat Nadia x Legend male...SOLD, on the lap is GREEN ( Lacey pup) and PINK off to the right, standing up. BIG puppies!

Mickey is trying to hold ORANGE girl, you can see how black she is.. she is a doll baby! Huge heavy bone structure, bigger than the male. A total love! PINk is trying to investigate on the left. Below.

PINK finally won the coveted lap position! Sugar Bear ( 10 mos old) looking on with the rest of the crew. Below.

PINK is a charmer...kisses all over the place.... she is on the lap with others looking on. One big happy family! Below.

PINK is still not done giving kisses!! GREEN waits patiently for her turn back up! Below.

HUGE PUPPIES!! Long coats are 11 weeks, regular coats are 10 weeks. Below

Legend x Sugar Bear litter, two long coat males, 8.5 weeks. Below.

Saint x Lexi 4 week old male. below.

Sophie, a 6 month old Blitzen x Bliss female, below.

Achilles x Lacey male, Kane 4 yrs old, below.

Legend x Sugar Bear male, shown at 7 weeks old. Long coat. below.

Bravo x Nadia male, Cesar 6 mos old. Below.

Cesar at 9 mos. Bravo x Nadia male , long coat. Below.

Saint x Lacey female sable, at 9 weeks old. Below.

Legend x Sugar Bear females shown at 8.5 weeks old. Long coat litter. Below.

Bella, a Saint x Lacey daughter, shown at 6 months. Below.

Lacey puppy on the left with Nadia's long coat pup on right.....buddies.

Nadia's long coat on the right with Laceys 2 traditional coated pups left side. They played outside all day today and are tuckered out. Just before they went inside to bed.

One of Blitzen x Isa puppies at 4.5 weeks old. Below.

Blitzen x Isa white female at 4.5 weeks old. Below.

Blitzen x Isa female White. Below at 4.5 weeks

Stunning jet black pigment on this white puppy! Blitzen x Isa. Below.

Blitzen x Isa puppy at 4.5 weeks old. Below.

Blitzen x Isa sables at 4.5 weeks. Below.

Legend x Sugar Bear males at 8 weeks w Mickey. Below.

Crimson , Saint x Lexi at 7 weeks old . below.

Saint x Lexi daughter, Crimson, at about 8mos.

Saint x Lacey daughters below, one sable the other is Valen as a pup, she is a black & silver cream saddleback.

VALEN, Saint x Lacey Below.


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