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Saint is a Bravo and Caia male. July 4 2011. Shown here at 16 mos. Big huge head, gorgeous sable , with tands, reds and silvers in his coat. Full black face, like Bravo. Very affectionate. Not at all done growing.

Water dog!!

Saint ( Left) and sire Bravo ( right). Below.

The boys... left is SAINT ( sable), Top is Bravo ( black & red long caot) and foreground is Legend ( Black and cream long coat). Below.

Don't let anyone tell you, you cannot have dogs of the same sex.... here are 3 intact males playing. Saint ( left) Bravo ( middle) and Legend( right). Below

Side view of Saint, below. He is a big boy, pics don't do him justice. His coloring is gorgeous.....Below.

Saint is a Bravo x Caia sable male. Full brother to Sugar Bear. Shown here at 6 mos and one week old. He is massive. Very large bone.

 Saint at 7 mos. Pic was taken from the deck, makes him took small, he is almost the size of Bosco already. Huge boy. Below.


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