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Here are a few letters from new puppy owners.


Hi. You might not remember me, but in Dec. 03 I bought one of your puppies that you had. She was a pick that you were keeping for yourself, but were kind enough to let me have her. I think you heard the desperation in my voice during that dark time of my life.

I apologize for not following up sooner, but I lost your contact info and just recently came across it. I can not tell you enough how much your sacrifice meant to me. She has truly been a Godsend to me. She was everything you thought she would be.

i just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS! I love her very much I will forward pictures to you later, but I didn't want another day to go by that I didn't express my deep appreciation for your gift to me!

we named her "Christy's Fancy Christmas Present" of course after you because that was the best present I could have received. The "Fancy" was after my loved dog that had died a month before that. We call her "Snoopy"'t ask how that came about.

thanks again I hope all is well with you!


Hi Christy,

Happy New Year to you and your family. Becky is doing very well. She has a wonderful soul and loves to meet people. She adapted well to sleeping in her carrier at night and never went through a whining stage after she left her mother. Probably because she has met so many people over the holidays back home. I moved the cedar chips to outside near a tree and she has begun a pattern of scratching at the door or coming to me and barking to let me know she has to go out. However being a puppy I still have to watch her actions to avoid minor problems. She has done very well. She loves to take walks and I'm making her stay on my left side. I let her pull me sometimes but she has learned the words NO and STAY. She also comes to attention when I say her name. She is very smart and clever. Very powerful but extremely gentile. She has many toys and is beginning to meet the cats. I am doing it very slowly and the cats are not hissing at her very much. I think they will get along by summer, either way I take no chances and keep a lease on Becky (when the cats are out of their bedroom) until I'm sure they have bonded. She loves to jump up in the recliner with me and runs around like a race horse.


Christy, all is well, her flight arrived on time and she was very happy to get out of the cage! I brought my girlfriend and her daughter for the welcoming and Skylar was very happy to meet them, giving them lots of love. Skylar enjoyed the car ride home cuddled by my girlfriends daughter, who instantly fell in love with her as I did too. I knew she was going to be big, but oh my! She is going to be very large and was so happy to see just how big she was when she came out of the cage at the airport.

She tried to settle in when I got her home, I gave her a little food and some water. I got Sky an extra large crate with a nice cozy bed and left the door open and she got the hang of it real quick. She went in by herself and slept, I kept her company on the sofa. She got up several times for water and to give me kisses and slept in a bunch of different places, mainly near me though. 

I took her out to my garden this morning and let her run around and explore. She really liked that and took her on a walk around my property. As I write this to you, she is at my feet sleeping and adjusting to the new noises and smells. She is GREAT! I love her soo much.

Thanks again!


 Hi Christy,

Here is our big boy. The vet told me that he will probably be bigger than me some day and that I should start strict training now. He is a very focused dog. I don't need treats to train him, priase is best. In fact, when we are in the yard and he "goes" he runs to me for his praise. He is so smart... I have to be careful, otherwise he may train me. He understands the commands sit, come, and the other day, he was doing well with stay and stand. While in the backyard, he stays at my side until I tell him to "go play". He seems to look for my permission to play. Have you ever had a dog like this? I feel as though I should consult a professional trainer because he is catching on so quick. Another example... my neighbor goes to the house while we are at work twice a day to let him out and play with him. She says that last week, he was consistently fetching for her.

Enjoy the pic!



I hope these pictures come out ok...I am not good at uploading pictures. Cyprus is doing great. He is so much fun to have around and loves Willow. Those two are stuck together all the time wrestling on the floor. Cyprus is just so loving & is always so happy & content with anything. We love them both so much. Hope you had a great holiday!


Addison is one sweet puppy. Doesn’t appear to have a mean or malicious bone in her body. Very impressed. I see a lot of sheps who have a dark side, and she doesn’t have one.Maxine was the same. I’m sure its due to breeding AND rearing. Once again, you breed really great dogs…physically and mentally. Thanks J


Thanks Christy for the pic of Kyra's sister.... Kyra is such a sweetheart. She is all love, She is way beyond her age in intelligence. Words can't even describe how incredibly smart she is. We always said Gretchen is the "wow" dog, but Kyra, oh my gosh, she is unbelievable. She is so well behaved, her personality is so unbelievable. She is very protective of me already . And a kisser, oh my, she is affectioninate. Everyone just falls in love with her. And she is quite the beauty ! Our neighbor tell us she just loves watching the 2 girls play in the yard - you can see the bond between them and how each other is teaching the other one something. She said it brings her joy and always puts a smile on her face watching them play. The girls know their boundary and do not leave the yard. We can even call them off for a bunny rabbit. Pretty amazing. People can't believe some of the stories I tell them, but then they are shepherds. I can tell when one of the dogs poop outside, they come to the screen door and wipe their paws. I then say to Gretch, go on and show me,, where did you or Kyra go poopy and she will take me right to it. Someone at the dog park did not believe me. Her dog pooped and she could not find it, so I told Gretch, go and find the poopy, where did Otto go potty, and guess what, she took the owner to the pile. They were amazed. Even now, Kyra is starting to take me to her poop. Your dogs are beyond intelligent and their vocabulary and understanding is incredible. We never thought a dog could be so darn smart and well behaved. We just love these 2 girls to no end . Words just can't describe them. You can use us as a reference anytime!!! Donna.


My dog trainer wanted me to tell you, how wonderful Sabra is, she says that Sabra is her prodigy. She is a wonderful dog, the sweetest and lovingest German Shepard I ever had, very smart. You should see her train, she does everything perfect with the trainer.

Just had to tell you,


christy. hey Mira is hands down one of the best puppies I have gotten , thanks robin




Hi Christy - just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing great. She is getting really good at going to the door when she needs to go out and potty, although sometimes she fakes us out because she loves just playing in the snow as well! We took her to a friend's house for a super bowl party yesterday and she was great. She wasn't intimidated by all of the people and they also had a 3 year old lab that she loved playing with. She is really adapting well and is already a huge part of our family. She found her favorite chair to curl up in for naps when we are home and also loves her play time. We are so happy to have her with us. We plan on taking her to Lewisburg this weekend to my parent's house and to see our oldest daughter. She only got to see her that day we came to your house and she can't wait to have some time to play with her. Thanks again for everything. I will keep you posted.


Hi Christy,

How are you? Looks like you've got your hands full with another cute Bravo litter over there! I just wanted to thank you again for the great puppy and update you on little Freyja. She grew from 23 to 29 pounds in two weeks, her ears are up, her tail grew another three inches seemingly overnight and she has a wavy little ridge down her back now. She's had her nails clipped, her teeth brushed and a couple baths -- which she thinks are fun and games until she actually gets wet. She is definitely the smartest puppy either Eric or I have ever encountered! We had her crate trained and sleeping through the night in 3 days. She goes #1 and #2 on command. She learned that "Schlafzeit" meant to go in her crate and lie down right away. Now she also knows "Sitz" (Sit), "Platz" (Down), "Foose" (Paw), "Kommst Du" (Come) and she's getting pretty good at "Stay," although her attention span is still all over the place because she's so little. She likes to run through chairs and the cat tunnel when she's fetching, so I was thinking of signing her up for puppy school and eventually agility classes. What better fun could a working breed have than that? She met her first friend the other day -- a gentle shepherd/rottweiler mix named Buddy and she really had the time of her life. This weekend she'll be meeting some shepherds, terriers, pugs and lab/golden retriever mixes. She loves car rides and has lots of kisses for new people. I'm happy to report Freyja is still a bit of a cuddle bug! :) I've added some raw meats to her meals throughout the week -- salmon, ground beef, eggs, venison. The cats aren't her biggest fans, but they're comfortable walking about when she's in her den at least. She's like the sleeping giant... they creep up and sniff her when she's sleeping, ha ha. Eric and I are having a great time being puppy parents. It's really given me a new appreciation for the quietude of a winter's day and the little things -- like finding every stick in the yard and putting them in a pile or even shoveling the driveway (she likes to help by putting her paws on the shovel too, haha!) All is great on McKinley .

Best Regards,



He was great. Last night he didn't want to sleep in the crate which is in our bedroom. He wanted to

sleep next to me. He woke up at 6.00AM, went out with me for a walk had his breakfast ran around and is taking a nap.

I think we will call him Dax. It is mass confusion with each GrandChild wanting a different name.Maria who is 2 years old wants him to

be called Love. Owen likes Oreo.....He is very spunky and will not back down when Maggie pushes him around. He already can climb the stairs. He was trying yesterday

and Maggie kept pushing his rear end, it was hilarious. I will send you pictures. He will probably be our last Shepherd, so I am

documenting his life with us week by week.

I am so glad I found you. Our life has a bright spark after a long time.

You can use our name and I have no objection if some one wants to see him before they get a puppy from you.

I will be feeding him raw in two weeks. Maggie has been on a raw diet for two weeks and the results are amazing.

Thank You.


Kaiser is home. He is already amazing. Love at first sight. Celeste carried him on her lap and although we can tell he's scared; not one drop the whole way home. As soon as we got him in the back yard, he voided. Compliments already from folks at the airport, etc.

Celeste is getting ready to give a bath and I'm gonna clean his crate and get it placed so he has his "fortress of solitude". I didn't imagine the colors being so neat...but I also know they're going to change a bit as he ages. Also, don't know what I was expecting; but he's huge. VERY pleased already.

Thought you'd like to know he's home safe and sound...we'll be in touch soon and pics to your website to follow.



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